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The Research Group Leader Book Project is a draft that will, hopefully sooner than later, turn into a real book that covers all the challenges you face when you lead a research lab. It will cover starting a group, but also running a group once you’ve established it. The content is free to read online here, and feedback is very welcome.

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Section order is still mostly random. The TOC is work in progress. It’s incomplete and will take shape over time.

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Section 1: Introduction

Welcome to the journey — The scientist as an entrepreneur and the group as a small business — Book overview — …

Section II: Planning your own group

Finding funding — Sketching a time plan — If you haven’t started: things to consider before applying for a grant and before settling for a place — …

Section III: Preparing the start of your group

Starting in a new place with new funding: what should be on your list — Negotiating with the university — Getting to know your environment — …

Section X: Hiring

Getting ready: Write the job description; define who you are looking for; where to advertise — Communicating with applicants — Choosing who to invite for an interview — Interview and job talk — Deciding on a candidate — What to do when you can’t find the right person for the job — …

Section X: The Why

Idea: Why the Why is important — Do you know your vision? — Does your team know your vision? — Does your team share your vision? — Who are your customers? — …

Section X: Remove yourself

General idea: Remove yourself: how to be free for leading without losing controlBeing available to your teamDelegating — The idea of scale — Working remote

Section X: Organize

Personal Productivity — Organizing your week — Keeping the overview — Organizing Group knowledge — Making sure knowledge stays in your group: Workflows, Instructions, Templates — File sharing — Project management — Automating tasks — …

Section X: Plan

Planning Process Overview — Planning your own career trajectory — Planning your group’s trajectory — planning your team — Setting goals for yourself — setting goals for and with your team members — Deadlines — how to organize your project when a team member goes on parental leave

Section X: Finance

Keeping an overview — some Germany-specific stuff — Saving money through educational discounts — …

Section X: Steering, teaching, coaching – Communicate with your team

Group Meetings — One on One Meetings — Feedback and Evaluation — Difficult Conversations — Practicing Presentations — Whom to coach how much — Helping your PhDs plan their career — …

Section X: Writing together

Continuous improvement of your team’s writing skills — Working with individual team members — Writing Workflow

Section X: Communicate with the public

What for? — Who are your stakeholders? — Different strategies for different “customers” — Website — Blogging — Corporate identity — Presenting in public: Conference presentations: Does your team represent your group the way you think? — Elevator Pitch — Speaking and presenting — …

Section X: Work and live

Limiting work hours — Science career and children — Planning your parental leave —Organizing Work and young children — Health, Food, Sports — …

Section X: Become better

Improving yourself — Identify what you need to learn — Where to find what you need to know — …

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