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I’ve grouped my content into four categories that you can access in the site menu:

  • Blog: Regular blog posts about leadership, getting organized, and personal development. They are further organized by tags that you can select in the tag cloud in the sidebar.
  • Book Project: I am working on a book about leading a research group, and look forward to your comments, feedback, and ideas. Check out the Table of Contents.
  • Hands-on: Another name for this section might have been “nerd corner”… This section is home to some “how-to” post series and lists practical tips that I have found to make some aspect of my lab life easier, more efficient, or are useful in some other way.
  • Books: Here I review books that I have found useful for some aspect of group leadership and management. The list is necessarily subjective. The books may not be what you expect. That’s the whole point.

Are you just starting your own team, science group, or research lab, and have burning questions? Though still in the build-up, take a closer look at the “Starting up” post category and at the first sections of the Table of Contents of the Book Project.

If you’re curious, you can read about who I am, why I started this blog, and what I have in mind with the Book Project.

Enough said, get started here with some posts!