Introducing the Research Group Leader Book Project

Join in, share your ideas and experiences, and give your feedback on my book in progress about leading a science lab.

typewriter_aboveWhen I started my own research group, I often didn’t know what step should come first, or next. And I had quite a few situations in which I thought: “…if only I had known beforehand!” It’s not that there is no information out there, and my supervisors as well as many other colleagues and friends have been helpful when I asked. Still, there were many aspects that popped up unexpected, or dawned on me over time, almost unnoticeable at first but with increasing urge as time went by, and I wish I had been aware of from the beginning. A book would have been nice, one that talks about all the different aspects of running a science group, but isn’t dry and boring.

So, I’ve decided to write the book I didn’t have.

But I think that the value of such a book is limited if all that goes in it are my own views and my limited experience. Therefore, I am taking a different approach. Instead of writing the book and keeping it locked away until it is done, I will write it here, on the blog, piece by piece. I invite you to read along. More importantly, I invite you to comment, confirm, disagree, make suggestions, provide your own stories, and share links to resources that you have found important. I’ll make it a real book when the blog draft is complete.

Why should you take part?

For one, I hope you will find the content I put up valuable for your own work. Because it’s on the blog, it’s entirely free. Of course, if you like, just come by and read. On the other hand, you can help me in creating a book that I hope will be helpful to the researchers and scientists we are all bringing up in our labs right now, your MScs, PhDs, and PostDocs, as they create their own careers.

The content will be the better the more people give their input. If you know someone who might benefit from the project, or who might be inclined to take part, please share this page with that person.

Ok, so how do I start?

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