About the Book Project

Welcome to the Research Group Leader Book Project! This page explains how the project works, and how you can participate and contribute.


If you’re new to the Book Project, and if you’re curious about why this project exists, read the Intro to the project post!

The book in a nutshell…

Who is it for?

The target group for the book are researchers and scientists who lead a team, group, or lab. There will be some focus on starting up, but many chapters are meant also for people who already have some experience.

What is it about?

Leadership, productivity, self development, and practical tips.

Does the content apply to researchers of all countries?

I intend to write most of the content for people everywhere. But there are necessarily some regional specifics, such as grants and negotiation practice. Some parts of the book will be specific to the German science world. Whenever this is the case, I will indicate this with a German flag.

How does it all work?

You basically have two options to read in the book.

Option 1: Table of Contents

You can check out the current draft of the Table of Contents of the Research Group Leader Book. If you are interested in a specific topic, this is the way to go. The book is a work in progress, and I’m happy to hear suggestions about sections you think should be added, and any other kind of feedback you have.

Sections that have been written link to the blog posts with the content. If something in the ToC is not a link, then that part has not been written.

Option 2: Read in the order I write

On the Book Posts page, you can read posts in the order I publish and update them. If you decide to follow regularly, you can check here what’s new.

How you can help

It will be great to get your input while the book develops. Please let me know about your comments, ideas, your own experiences, links you’ve found useful, errors in my posts etc. in the comments section that you find underneath each post. If you prefer, email your comments directly, though it is helpful for discussion if you post things publicly.

I will edit posts from time to time based on your feedback. I announce new and updated posts on my mailing list, and they appear with the new date on the Book Project Posts page.

A quick word about etiquette: Please use the comments to post about anything that is related to the posts. I will delete troll comments, spam, and links to unrelated content.

Where to go from here

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